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What is a Parks & Recreation Master Plan? 

A Parks Master Plan is a strategic document. It studies the existing park system, facilities and recreation programming, and identifies a planning blueprint to improve, protect and expand the Town’s network of parks, facilities and recreational services for the future.

The Parks and Recreation Master Plan will provide both a long-term vision for the Town’s park system, and specific policies and standards to direct day-to-day decisions. It will set forth a framework that will allow the Town to respond to new opportunities as they arise, and to ensure that adequate parks, facilities and recreation programs meet the needs of the Town’s future residents, employees and visitors.

The Parks and Recreation  Master Plan Update is being developed in parallel with the update of the Town's General Plan.  For information about the process click here.  For more information on the General Plan click here.

The Parks Master Plan will provide:

  • Background and context for evaluating the existing parks system and recreation programs
  • Inventory of existing parks and recreation facilities and programs
  • Analysis of the needs of the current and future population
  • Recommendations for improving and maintaining the existing park system
  • Recommendations for changes to the existing park system and recreation program to meet current and future needs
  • Strategies for managing and maintaining parks and recreational facilities
  • Approach for implementation of improvements and long term maintenance
  • Record of the community involvement in developing the plan
  • Funding options and resources

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